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If there was a therapeutic treatment that promised everything, from boosting your energy to fighting stress, wouldn’t you do anything to get it?
Enter eyecandylashandbrowspa – IV Hydration Therapy.
We offer effective IV hydration therapy that will enhance your wellness by replenishing your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and sky-rocket you towards health and vitality.

What is IV hydration?

IV therapy delivers hydration fluids or vitamins straight into your body through your veins. IV delivery is an easy and efficient way to get nutrients absorbed directly into the bloodstream without going through the digestive system. This therapy works very well for a wide range of conditions, for people
who are feeling chronic tiredness, feeling run down, or starting to feel sick. IV therapy can give such a boost of energy that you will get a kick-start to enable self- healing and recovery.

What IV hydration nutrients are available?

IV vitamin therapy may include combinations of vitamins C, B12, magnesium, calcium or glutathione, antioxidants and many other options to suit your individual needs. These nutrients can effectively treat conditions from allergies and headaches to chronic fatiguesyndrome and anxiety and depression or brightening, weightloss and anti aging. We even have a very effective therapyto help the common hangover! You can even customize yourvitamins per your references

Therapies and Prices

IV hydration therapy is an effective and therapeutic tool that can last up to a week, and sometimes even longer. You’ll be able to return to your daily life immediately following the treatment, and we guarantee that you’ll feel more energetic, more relaxed and ready to go. Let us take you there!

What happens at a typical IV hydration therapy appointment?

Our team will review your medical history and we’ll work out your therapy plan according to your health and personal requests. You can choose from a wide range of treatments (see below), or we will formulate a suitable IV blend thatincludes the precise nutrients your body needs. 

IV hydration therapy usually takes around 40 minutes for each appointment, depending on the therapy you choose.

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