HIFU Treatment

Reduce wrinkles up to two years without the pain of going under the knife! Tighten sagging skin without the use of artificial fillers, remove double chin, and correct facial skin with our Hifu treatment!

HIFU Treatment

Our HIFU Treatment services vary in price depending on your location

We use high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) as an innovative, painless and non-invasive way to reduce wrinkles that lasts up to two years and is skin-friendly. Additional applications include face and brow lifting, tightening of the connective tissue and cellulite treatment.


The ultrasound probe is evenly moved over the treatment areas in order to allow the high intensity focused ultrasound waves to reach the underlying connective tissue and generate the desired skin-tightening effects. The overlying skin layers remain unaffected, which means the lifting can be carried out gently and without a trace.

This gentle form of lifting can be used on the entire face to counteract sagging skin. The following areas are ideal for treatment: the neck region, chin, cheeks and eyebrow area. During a session, an individual area can be treated or all areas can be treated at once.

The Ultrasound Therapy procedure stimulates collagen production via a targeted input of ultrasound energy into the deep tissue layers of the skin. This warms the tissue, which in turn triggers a natural skin response that initiates a regenerative process through the production of neo-collagen.

Lasers generally target the uppermost layers of the skin (e.g., to counteract fine lines, wrinkles, and changes in pigmentation). The Ultrasound Therapy HIFU procedure bypasses the skin’s surface and focuses entirely on the deep, structural layers of the skin where collagen is deposited.

The Ultrasound Therapy HIFU treatment is completely painless.

How long does the effect last?

Highly concentrated ultrasound waves penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. 20% of the result can be seen immediately after the treatment. 3-6 months later, the final result is visible.

The highly focused ultrasound activates and accelerates the body’s own healing process in the face, neck and décolletage areas and thereby helps sagging skin to tighten itself and become more firm. This method requires no creams, no artificial filler products or toxins.

It relies solely on the body’s natural regenerative capacity. Since the treatment targets deeper layers, the surface of the skin is not affected. After the treatment, you can simply go about your usual activities.


HIFU treatment isn’t suitable for people who have metal implants and silicon injections in the indicated area, pacemakers, and blood disorders.

Metal implants in the treatment area, Pacemakers, Blood disorders, and Silicone injections in the treatment area


  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Non-surgical facelift
  • Correction of the facial shape
  • Lifting of the cheeks
  • Eyebrow lifting
  • Lifting of frown and forehead lines
  • Lifting of nasolabial folds
  • Chin reduction
  • Lacrimal sac reduction
  • Tightening of the décolletage
  • Skin-smoothing treatment post liposuction


How long does the treatment take?
One session takes between thirty minutes to two and a half hours, depending on the targeted area.

How many treatments do you need?
Generally, excellent results can be achieved after just one HIFU treatment. Additional treatment may be carried out no earlier than 8-12 months after the first.

What are the side effects?
You may experience slight redness and or swelling, which subsides quickly. Also, your skin may be sensitive to touch, accompanied by a light tingling sensation, which persists for a few weeks.

In rare cases, bruising and temporary local numbness may occur. These side effects disappear after a few days.

What is the treatment’s contradiction?
Metal implants in the treatment area, Pacemakers, Blood disorders, and Silicone injections in the treatment area.

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