Porcelain Laser Facial

Get the benefits of traditional cosmetic treatments without the discomfort and downtime! Rejuvenate, resurface, and renew skin with our anti-aging treatment. Promotes an even skin tone, similar to a china doll with porcelain skin!

Porcelain Laser Facial

Our Porcelain Laser Facial services vary in price depending on your location

The Porcelain Doll Laser Facial, popularly known as the China Doll Facial, is popular with celebrities in Hollywood, giving it a nickname of the Hollywood facial.

It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical, and pain-free laser treatment that helps to remove the blackheads, brightening skin, and improve the skin texture. This treatment also assists with skin resurfacing and regeneration of collagen and elastin.

This scientifically advanced technology is so successful that it has become the number 1 go-to treatment option for those who are looking for a cosmetic surgery alternative.


It involves deep cleansing of the skin and then gliding the laser over the area, the sensation is described as a slight tingling feeling. The laser facial approximately 20 minutes for the procedure.

In order to boost and maximize the results, we apply our luxurious sparkling C mask treatment under LED.

This will boost the skin and deliver active ingredients, lipids, and bioavailable antioxidants into the deeper layers of the skin, to assist with skin rejuvenation and regeneration for a healthy, plump and dewy complexion.

How long does the effect last?

Results may last for up to 6 months, however, this is largely dependent on the skin condition, skin type, and lifestyle and skincare routine of each person.

To protect your new skin post-treatment, we recommend staying away from excessive sun exposure and to use our post-care treatment.


Our laser facial treatment isn’t suitable for people who have acne or taking medications for acne. If you have a weak immune system or sensitive to scars, it’s best to consult a medical professional.


  • Treats age spots
  • Eliminates minor flaws
  • Fixes uneven skin tone
  • Reduces scar visibility


How many Hollywood facials do I need to have to get results?
Effects largely depend on the individual’s skin type, but we recommend 2-6 sessions for superior results. These treatments should be two-four weeks apart to allow collagen regeneration.

Are there side-effects?
It gives you minimal side effects, such as slight redness on skin and a tingling sensation after the procedure. You may experience temporary hair removal on the indicated area as well as a mild outbreak one-week post-treatment.

Is it completely painless?
Pain isn’t associated with this treatment. You’ll only feel a slight tingling sensation on the skin, which is a normal feeling.

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