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Eye Candy Lash & Brow Bar is a beauty salon conveniently located in Buena Park and Newport Beach. We offer a wide range of beauty services from eyelash extensions to crypto sculpting.

Our procedures use the latest beauty technology to help you achieve your desired look. We’re fueled by the desire of boosting your confidence, letting you live life to the fullest.

Work with qualified professionals with over a decade of individual experience in the industry. Eye Candy Lash & Brow Bar takes advantage of the latest equipment for superior results.

We live, breathe, quality service. We give every customer the VIP treatment because we believe choosing Eye Candy Lash & Brow Bar is an experience itself.

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We can create your desired beauty

PDO Thread Lift

PDO thread lifting, a unique inclusion in our aesthetic med spa services for youthful, juvenile, and alluring appearance. Aging is a fact of life; looking at your age is not!


Get rid of unsightly wrinkles! Make yourself look 10 years younger with our Botox procedure. Reduce fine lines, tighten saggy skin, lift your brows and eyes, stop underarm sweating, and many more!

Hollywood Charcoal Laser Facial

Painlessly exfoliate the skin, lighten dark spots, and fade freckles! The term the price of beauty doesn’t apply here as it’s a pain-free experience. Improve skin texture, shrink pores, and remove blackheads without discomfort. Treat minor skin imperfection without experiencing the pain of going under the knife.

Porcelain Laser Facial

Get the benefits of traditional cosmetic treatments without the discomfort and downtime! Rejuvenate, resurface, and renew skin with our anti-aging treatment. Promotes an even skin tone, similar to a china doll with porcelain skin!

HIFU Treatment

Reduce wrinkles up to two years without the pain of going under the knife! Tighten sagging skin without the use of artificial fillers, remove double chin, and correct facial skin with our Hifu treatment!

Cryo Sculpting

See a Slimmer You! It’s called stubborn fat for a reason: no matter how much you eat healthily and exercise, it’s virtually impossible to lose the annoying muffin tops, love handles, and belly pooch. Before Cryo-sculpting, you were left with two options: live with them or think surgery. Now, there’s a third option.

RF Body Sculpting And Cellulite Treatment

Say goodbye to orange-peel skin and vanquish those stubborn flab! Eliminate the lumpy presence of cellulite on your thighs and buttocks for a long time.


Leave your skin hair-free and smooth from eyebrows to legs! As a full-service waxing studio, we can help you with everything from your eyebrows to your legs, and everything in between. Using high-quality products, we are one of the area’s safest waxing providers.


Keep the youthful glow whole life through! Our facial services can help with a wide variety of skin problems, making you look bright and beautiful every day.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

When the world is your runway, a shorter primping process is a must! Effortlessly look beautiful look with our micro-blading and permanent eyeliner services, performed by our talented technicians.

Eyelash Extensions

Make your eyes shine brighter with a beautiful, long, and voluminous lashes. We offer both mink and hybrid options, we’re your one-stop-shop for gorgeous eyelash extensions.
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